Tips for Storing Various Items in a Unit

28 March 2022
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Over the years it's normal to build up a surplus of stuff. From Christmas decorations that you use periodically to clothing that you don't know what to do with, not all of it needs to remain in your home. If you want to free up space, a storage unit is a way forward. Here are some tips for storing various items.


Self-storage units are ideal for keeping your clothes to one side. However, you need to store them in a way that protects them from attracting moisture and becoming mouldy. Try placing your clothes in a vacuum-packed bag and then store the bag inside a plastic box with a clip-on container. For extra protection against moisture, add in some silica gel sachets. Overall, these measures should keep moisture out and ensure your clothes remain dry for when you need to use them again.

Seasonal Decorations

Christmas decorations, Easter essentials and Halloween items don't need to take up precious space in your property throughout the year. Make sure you protect each item accordingly. For example, it's better to cushion baubles rather than throw all of them into a box together. Label everything clearly and store it towards the front of your unit. That way, they'll remain easy to access when you need to use them.

Artwork and Antiques

If you love to collect artwork and antiques, a unit can act as the perfect place to keep them. As units are free from sunlight, they stop artwork and decorated antiques from fading. If you're trying to keep ornaments safe from pets and children, a unit is ideal for you. Make sure you place dust coverings over your items. If they're particularly delicate, they can probably benefit from bubble wrap too. Using a dust covering prevents dust from inflicting minor scratches on your antiques as they remain in storage.

Hobby Equipment

Some hobbies don't require much equipment at all. In contrast, others command enough equipment to fill a room in your home. If you're sharing your space with others, they may feel as though dedicating a room to such a purpose is a waste. Using a storage unit, you can keep your hobby equipment safe. Make sure you categorise everything for ease of access. This is particularly important when you engage in hobbies that require lots of small pieces of equipment, such as crafts and model making. If your equipment is especially expensive, make sure the unit's insurance policy covers it.

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