Ways to Make Sure Your Storage Shed Stays Dry

27 December 2018
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When you invest in a storage shed, the chances are you want to keep its contents dry. Although the shed's structure will go a long way towards achieving that, there are other ways to prevent damp from becoming a problem. Place the shed on flat ground Although few people would actively place their shed on a slope, there is a risk of doing this accidentally. Check the ground in all directions using a leveller to make sure it's completely flat. Read More 

Food Warehousing: 3 Things to Consider

9 February 2018
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Unlike electrical items, widgets or car parts, food cannot be stored indefinitely. Because it is organic, no matter how well it is stored, food will start to go off. If you own a business which operates within the food industry, you will no doubt be keenly aware of the dangers posed by rotten food. Not only could you lose a sizeable chunk of your profits, but you could also face serious charges if you are found to have supplied food which fails food safety standards. Read More