4 Reasons to Choose a Sliding vs. Hinged Cool Room Door

15 March 2023
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There are plenty of things to consider when you're choosing the right cool room for your property, but one factor that some people fail to think about is the door. That's a shame since the type of door you choose can have a huge impact on everything from efficiency to safety.

While there are several options, most people are going to end up choosing between sliding doors and hinged doors for their cool room. Both options have their own benefits, but here are just four reasons why you should consider a sliding cool room door over a hinged cool room door.

1. Saves on Space

One of the most compelling reasons to choose a sliding cool room door is that you'll save on space. Since the door will slide along the wall, there's no dead space that's lost in front of it. In contrast, you'll need to ensure there is space enough in front of a hinged door for it to be opened all the way. That can be particularly problematic in smaller areas, especially if you require pallet access or need to manoeuvre trolleys into your cool room.

2. Avoids Accidents

Another potential issue with hinged cool room doors is that they can cause accidents. If you open the door without knowing someone else is on the other side, you can either cause them harm or cause them to drop whatever they were holding. Sliding cool room doors don't present the same risks since it is impossible to swing them into another person.

3. Added Reliability

​The reliability of your cool room door is incredibly important, especially when it must withstand intensive use. Sliding doors are generally more reliable than hinged doors. This is because the door will tightly press shut under both its own weight and the pressure from clamping rollers, then a clamping device can be used to maintain a strong seal. As such, opting for a sliding cool room door can prevent any loss of cool air.

4. Ideal for Larger Openings

Sliding doors are ideal in smaller areas since they help save on space, but they're also great for larger areas since they can cover wider and taller openings. Hinged doors generally become impractical when you need to cover a larger entryway since the hinges can only withstand so much weight. Additionally, larger doors are naturally going to swing out even further when they need to be opened. Sliding doors don't present such issues, so they're ideal regardless of your cool room's size.

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