Tips on Selecting The Best Self-Storage Solutions

19 October 2017
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As Australians continue to accumulate more personal belongings, the need for additional storage space continues to rise. It is not always easy for people to move to bigger homes when they get more items. Therefore, obtaining a self storage unit is a popular option. Self storage solutions are flexible, cost-effective, and safe for your personal items. When selecting a self storage option for your needs, there are several important factors you should consider. Read More 

Commercial Refrigeration: Increasing Your Cool Room’s Energy Efficiency

10 October 2017
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Modern cold rooms are designed and built to promote energy efficiency in business premises after installation. However, their impact on the commercial electrical bill can still be relatively high. Therefore, if you would like to manage the power consumption of these refrigeration units, you must uphold proper maintenance and care practices. Here are some essential guidelines to help you get started on increasing your cool room's energy efficiency. Clean the Cabinet Gaskets Read More 

How to Choose the Right Water Storage Tank for Your Property

3 October 2017
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A water storage tank can help reduce your use of fresh water for jobs like watering the lawn or garden, washing the car, hosing down a barn, and so on. It can also be good to have a rainwater tank on the property for times of drought, when water is scarce, and to use in case of a brushfire on the property. Whatever your needs for a water storage tank, note a few tips for choosing the best one for your property, so you don't overspend on something that's too big, but also invest in a tank that will be durable and usable for many years to come. Read More 

Essential Jewellery Storage Options You Should Try

28 September 2017
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The jewellery items you own are quite costly and sentimental in value. This, therefore, means that you have to keep them well organised in a storage component that will offer adequate protection. It would be quite annoying if an expensive earring gets lost on the floor due to poor storage. The storage boxes will help you organise your jewellery, keep them safe from getting lost as well as from unauthorised access. Read More 

Proper Packing for Storage

26 September 2017
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A storage unit is a useful way to house your belongings, whether it's just for a short time during a move or over a longer period. To get the most out of your storage locker, you'll need to pack and protect your belongings the right way. Each different type of item has its own storage tips; here are some recommendations for taking care of your possessions when you pack them for storage. Read More