2 Quick Tips for Self-Storing Baby Clothes

25 September 2017
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There are numerous reasons you might want to store baby clothes in a storage unit. Some parents buy clothes that won't fit their baby for months or even years, then find there's not enough space in baby's wardrobe to keep them all. Others are planning on having another baby and want to save their first child's clothes for the second. And some simply have a few special pieces that they can't bear to part with. Whatever your reason, self storage is a great option for keeping your baby clothes safe and out of the house. However, as clothing can be so delicate, it's important that you store them correctly if you want them to be in good condition when you retrieve them, especially if you expect the clothes to remain there for many months or years. Here are 2 quick tips you need to follow.

Wash the Clothes First

At first glance, many people wonder what the point of washing baby clothes is if they're just going to sit in storage. Why not just wash them when they come out? But it's important to remember that dirty clothing will deteriorate over time. Leftover molecules of deodorant and perfume, for example, can yellow and stain clothes over time—and while babies don't wear either, remember that the people who hold your baby often do. Crumbs of food and even simple dust can attract mites and pests to your clothing if not removed. Any substance that stains will be near impossible to get out if left to soak in for a long period of time. Washing beforehand ensures that you won't pick up your clothes from your storage unit, only to find that they're unwearable. Wash them with normal, neutral washing powder or liquid, then dry them thoroughly to prevent mould. Remember not to use any finishing product that could attract pests, like starch, and don't bother ironing the clothes, as they'll be creased when they come out of storage. If you're storing new clothing that's still in plastic wrap, washing is probably not necessary.

Use Dark, Plastic Boxes

In the past, some people have used cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and even vacuum bags to store their baby clothes, with disappointing results. Remember, the main purpose of any storage container is to keep your baby's clothes free from damage. The aforementioned options can do the opposite. Cardboard boxes can be easily chewed through by pests, as can plastic bags, and the pressure of vacuum bags can cause deep creases that never come out. Instead, use sturdy, dark, plastic boxes to hold your baby's clothes while they're in a storage unit. If you can't find dark boxes, line light boxes with sheets before putting the baby clothes inside. The boxes will keep dust, dirt and pests out of the storage unit, and the darkness will keep them free from light-exposure damage, which can fade bright colours. Remember to pack the heavy items at the bottom, and avoid piling shoes and clothes together, as the pressure can cause damage over time.