Packing books for a move

25 September 2017
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Packing for a move is always a daunting task, but it can seem exceptionally challenging for a book lover. If you have a large library, preparing it for a move takes a little extra preparation, but with the right planning and materials, you'll have your whole library ready for a safe move quickly. 

Reduce your weight

Books are bulky and heavy, so try to avoid taking anything you aren't going to need. Books that don't mean anything to you, old beach novels you're not going to read again, and anything that doesn't have a permanent place on your shelves can be given away, sold or donated to charity. Take the opportunity to pare your library down to the collection you really want. 

Don't overpack

When it comes to packing books, multiple smaller boxes are a much better solution than a smaller number of large boxes. Large boxes full of books can be too heavy to move safely, and you risk overloading a box and seeing the bottom burst and spill books everywhere. Instead, choose small, sturdy cardboard boxes. 

Pack tightly

If you're books are going to be in their boxes for only a relatively short period, it doesn't really matter whether you pack them flat or upright. What matters is that they're packed tightly and securely, minimising the risk of damage to spines, covers or dust jackets. Fill empty spaces within your box with bubble wrap, packing tissue or even spare clothes and bedding. Preventing your books from sliding or colliding with the walls of the box is the key here. 

Wrap valuable books individually 

If you have particular volumes you want to preserve against even the slightest scuffs or marks, consider wrapping them separately in bubble wrap or plastic sleeves. These extra measures will keep special books protected even more than your normal packing precautions. 

Label boxes clearly 

Every bibliophile has a preferred shelving system, and arranging your library can be one of the most time-consuming parts of unpacking. To avoid this, sort your books while packing and label each box clearly. Don't just mark the box with the room it's destined for, but the topic, author or other category that determines where on the shelf it's going to go. 

Moving your library is going to take a good deal of lifting and carrying. But with the proper planning and careful packing, it doesn't have to me more of a challenge than that.