Essential Jewellery Storage Options You Should Try

28 September 2017
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The jewellery items you own are quite costly and sentimental in value. This, therefore, means that you have to keep them well organised in a storage component that will offer adequate protection. It would be quite annoying if an expensive earring gets lost on the floor due to poor storage. The storage boxes will help you organise your jewellery, keep them safe from getting lost as well as from unauthorised access. There are various storage solutions in the market for different jewellery types. Some of the essential types are analysed further below.

1. Jewellery Armoires – The jewellery armoires pack an impressive and appealing design with various compartments that can be used for the accommodation of your precious items. The armoires have the possibility of displaying all your well-sorted jewellery while at the same time keeping them secure. The size of a single unit is big, meaning it can accommodate all your jewellery at once. Their structure intends for them to be placed against a wall with the face directed towards the room for access. Some of them come with mirrors which can be used during the fitting process. They are also designed to save on some floor space, with a narrow base which is compensated for by the height. They also provide smart and efficient storage solutions for your jewellery while at the same time looking classy and elegant. The jewellery armories would make quite an attractive addition to your bedroom.

2. Jewellery Cabinets – Jewellery cabinets are quite big and spacious storage solutions which can be used to keep a lot of precious items neatly and efficiently stored. These cabinets are usually divided into various pockets and drawers that offer several compartments for your jewellery. With such compartments, the cabinets can completely store even the smallest and most fragile pieces. The exterior is made from richly finished wood, while the interior comes cushioned with soft fabric that protects your valuables from dents, scratches and damages. They also offer a mirror, which brings about convenience during the fitting process.

3. Jewellery Storage Mirrors – Talk about accessibility, style and functionality. The jewellery storage mirrors are designed to look like simple mirrors which also pack some extra space where you can keep your jewellery. The mirrors are quite large but come along with hangers or drawers which can be used for storing your precious items. The mirrors have a reflective ability which can be used during fitting. They also offer security for your jewellery which keeps them from falling and getting tangled together, as well as reducing unauthorised access.