Commercial Refrigeration: Increasing Your Cool Room's Energy Efficiency

10 October 2017
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Modern cold rooms are designed and built to promote energy efficiency in business premises after installation. However, their impact on the commercial electrical bill can still be relatively high. Therefore, if you would like to manage the power consumption of these refrigeration units, you must uphold proper maintenance and care practices. Here are some essential guidelines to help you get started on increasing your cool room's energy efficiency.

Clean the Cabinet Gaskets

Closing the doors of your refrigeration room will prevent energy losses. However, if the gaskets around your door are damaged or worn out, there will still be excess power consumption. In general, the tough elastomers around the cabinet doors are designed to compress and seal the cold room doors completely. If these components sustain cracks or wear down, their sealing capability will be compromised. Therefore, you should minimise their exposure to damaging elements such as corrosive liquids. If these fluids spill near or on the door, wipe the material immediately. Also, you should perform regular clean up to prevent the build-up of grime which can accelerate gasket damage.

Maintain the Refrigeration Component

The compressor in the cold room is responsible for refrigeration of the space. This component is resilient and durable; you will enjoy long service. However, its energy efficiency can decline significantly over time. In simple terms, if the compressor is neglected, its condition will deteriorate, and the power consumption rate will increase. Therefore, you should inspect the unit on a regular basis. If there is grime or dirt on the coils, you should have the surfaces cleaned. The deposited material can affect cooling efficiency.

Promote Proper Airflow

Proper airflow is essential for commercial cold rooms. If the cooling air is obstructed when flowing around the room, the refrigeration component will be forced to work harder. Moreover, there will be dead spots in the space without cold air. This problem can cause unexpected spoilage of food. You should organise your interior space to prevent blockage of free air movement. Also, you should consider installing wire frame shelves to promote optimal airflow.

Perform Immediate Repairs

You should perform repairs immediately if you notice a problem with the functionality of the appliance. Small issues can increase power consumption if not resolved in time, and malfunctions will accelerate the rate of wear of the cool room. The common signs of failure include food spoilage, ice build-up and water puddles.

If your cold room has been experiencing constant failures and high inefficiencies, you should consider cool room repairs.