Tips on Selecting The Best Self-Storage Solutions

19 October 2017
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As Australians continue to accumulate more personal belongings, the need for additional storage space continues to rise. It is not always easy for people to move to bigger homes when they get more items. Therefore, obtaining a self storage unit is a popular option. Self storage solutions are flexible, cost-effective, and safe for your personal items.

When selecting a self storage option for your needs, there are several important factors you should consider. Storage options can vary greatly depending on the company, items you are storing and your location.

For self storage, your primary goal should be to obtain safe and flexible storage options at an affordable price. Follow these tips when selecting self storage solutions.

Consider accessibility to the unit

The top priority for a self storage unit should be accessibility. You should be able to access your items as often as possible. Storage facilities that offer 24 hour access should therefore be among your top choices. Make sure you can access your items on short notice when you need them.

Security is important

When choosing a self storage unit, make sure it is in a secure location that is appropriately lit. The storage unit should have basic security features such as advanced locking systems, proper fencing, and a durable material that houses the storage unit.

You should also consider self storage solutions that utilise technology; such as storage units that have individual alarm systems.

Negotiate the price

Most companies offering self storage solutions allow you to negotiate the price. They also offer periodic discounts and promotions depending on the level of demand. Inquire about these offers, or propose to pay for several months in advance in order to get a quantity discount.

Keep track of all the items you store

When you take your items to a storage unit, make sure you keep an inventory of all these belongings. This will enable you to keep track of what you have stored and to be aware of anything that goes missing.

You should also take photos of all the items in the storage unit in case the storage company causes any damages. This will enable you to make a claim for compensation of your belongings if the storage company is at fault.

Select a unit of the right size

Determine the unit that fits your needs. If you're looking to minimize on costs, develop a strategy of storing your items in a manner that minimizes on the space consumed.

For example, using shelves and storing items on top of each other can help you save on space. However, make sure you don't compromise on the safety of your items while trying to utilize less space.