Food Warehousing: 3 Things to Consider

9 February 2018
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Unlike electrical items, widgets or car parts, food cannot be stored indefinitely. Because it is organic, no matter how well it is stored, food will start to go off. If you own a business which operates within the food industry, you will no doubt be keenly aware of the dangers posed by rotten food. Not only could you lose a sizeable chunk of your profits, but you could also face serious charges if you are found to have supplied food which fails food safety standards. To avoid these problems, you will need to invest in a specially designed food storage warehouse. Below is a guide to 3 things you will need to consider when deciding which food storage warehouse to use.


Food is usually transported using large trucks. If the trucks carrying food cannot reach your warehouse, this is going to be a major problem. When choosing a warehouse for food storage, you should examine the access roads to ensure they are wide and well paved enough to cope with the trucks you will be sending down them. You should also consider the turning circle of each truck and then compare this to the space available in the warehouse yard. If you are unsure if a truck will be able to access a warehouse, you should perform a test run using an empty transport to check how feasible the access to the location is.

Environmental controls

If you are planning to store food which needs to be kept in certain conditions to prevent it from spoiling, it is essential that you check that the food warehouse has proper environmental controls in place. Environmental controls will typically include an HVAC climate control system which will keep the space at a steady temperature, a dehumidifier, which will remove excess moisture from the air, and seals on the doors, which will help to prevent contaminants from entering the storage space.

Additional services

Finally, once you have found a food warehouse which is easy to access and which has good environmental controls, you should check what additional services are offered as part of the deal. The additional primary service you should be looking for is maintenance work. A good storage company will carry out checks and repairs on the storage space as part of the contract and at no additional cost. You should also inquire about the level of security offered by the site.

If you would like to find out more, you should contact a food warehousing company today.