Ways to Make Sure Your Storage Shed Stays Dry

27 December 2018
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When you invest in a storage shed, the chances are you want to keep its contents dry. Although the shed's structure will go a long way towards achieving that, there are other ways to prevent damp from becoming a problem.

Place the shed on flat ground

Although few people would actively place their shed on a slope, there is a risk of doing this accidentally. Check the ground in all directions using a leveller to make sure it's completely flat. If it isn't, you can either level the ground yourself or ask a landscaper to do the job for you. Small slopes increase the risk of water accumulating against small sections and causing damp.

Dedicate yourself to adequate ventilation

At the absolute minimum, you should open your shed's doors once every few days and let the air flow in for a few hours. Doing this prevents warm and damp air from accumulating inside, reducing the amount of humidity present. If you want to take your ventilation activities seriously, add two simple vents to the shed: one at the front and one at the back. Static vents are usually sufficient, but if you have a large shed you may need to consider electrical options.

Maintain the roof and the anti-rot coating

Although many sheds can resist rot for years after being erected, the anti-rot coating does start to lose its efficacy from day one onwards. To bolster its effects, consider reapplying an anti-rot solution once per year. While you're at it, check the roof for signs of damage and do so after any major weather events. Small leaks can soon result in damp building up if you don't address them.

Use a desiccant-powered dehumidifier

If you can safely extend an extension cable to your shed and set a dehumidifier on a timer, then do so. Set it to switch on for half an hour each day so you don't need to remember to do it manually. Otherwise, consider using a desiccant dehumidifier instead. They contain substances that draw moisture from the air and they're highly effective at drying out small spaces such as sheds.

Try to dry items before placing them in your storage shed

Although you can't completely dry everything before placing it in your storage shed, you can try your best. Avoid placing anything that's soaking wet in there and add some desiccant sachets to wet spaces such as golf club bags and wellington boots.

If you are having difficulty with your shed, try looking into other storage options.