The Three Ways You Can Choose To Make Your Life Less Cluttered

14 November 2019
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Whether you admit to it or not, lots of Australians display many of the same characteristics of hoarders. Often, people pile up the possessions that they have accrued over a lifetime because they can be too painful to part with and hold too many memories to let go. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this and you should want to keep those items special to you, the problem remains that they can take over your living space. You need some storage solutions and there are three directions that you can go in.


The first type of storage you should consider is simply renovating your home and backyard to make it more storage efficient than it currently is. Adding a shed, clearing out your garage and making it storage safe and adding more cupboards and storage facilities in your main house are all options to consider. The aim is to keep your stuff out of sight while not damaging it. Buying a shed is not as expensive as you may think, and depending on the level of construction required, you may not even need a council permit. Hardware stores sell prefabricated sheds at many price points that can be attractive to the person looking to salvage as much space as possible. 


If you simply cannot squeeze an ounce more of space out of your home or apartment, it is time to relocate some of your stuff before it gets broken. Self-storage facilities are specifically catered to this problem and many of them have great features such as the following:

  • 24/7 security with cameras located all over the premises
  • Temperature controls so your items don't suffer from contracting or expanding due to the heat and cold
  • Transport to and from your home (sometimes this is free sometimes there is a small fee)
  • Easy access to the site at any time with your own personal key or access number

If you are looking for the best way to store your things in a safe and easy-to-reach environment, a self-storage facility is the way to go.


Sometimes you build up a collection of things that you realise you don't actually want to keep anymore. You may be shocked at how many old appliances, bits of furniture or piles of clothing you have been keeping simply because you thought you might need them in the future. Many of these products can be donated or simply thrown away. That does not mean get rid of sentimental pieces but rather ones that have no sentimental value and are just objects. All this requires is a bit of self-reflection and review every once in a while. Really look at what you have and think about when the last time you used something was. If it was not in the last six months or a year, it could be time to donate it. Moving houses or apartments is a great way to discover just how much clutter you have and is a perfect opportunity to start streamlining your life.

For more information on your options, contact a storage company like Storage Choice.